Krieger and Maryland Halls

Johns Hopkins University • Baltimore, Maryland

Multi-Phase Renovations to Create Advanced Laboratory Spaces

The renovation of JHU’s Krieger and Maryland Halls addressed the university’s need for additional state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories for the Materials Science, Biomedical, and Chemical Engineering departments. Upgrades to Krieger Hall, the first phase, encompassed the lower two floors and basement of the six-story building, creating 22 new laboratories and ancillary space. The remaining four floors were occupied throughout construction. In Maryland Hall, the renovation of 20,000 square feet on one floor created 26 new laboratories, while the other three floors remained occupied. Mueller provided complete MEP services for the renovation projects, including extensive field investigation work to confirm existing conditions and address challenging installation details for the laboratory piping and duct systems.


Ayers Saint Gross

Client History

2013: Muller Building Clean Room Design; Read & Company Architects
2012: Cordish LaCrosse Center; William Rawn Architects
2012: Krieger Hall Nielson Lab Renovation; Melville Thomas Architects
2012: Greenhouse Renovation; Quinn Evans
2011: Bloomberg School of Public Health Expansion Study; Ayers Saint Gross
2008: Space Telescope Science Institute
2006: Terrace Court Dining Hall Renovations; Read & Company Architects
2005: Bloomberg School of Public Health Auditorium Renovations; Read & Company Architects
2005: Nursing School Expansion; Ziger/Snead Architects
2005: Mudd Hall Lab Renovation; Melville Thomas Architects
2005: Jenkins Hall Lab Renovation; Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects
2003: Maryland Hall Additional Lab Renovations; Marshall Craft Architects
2002: Hodson Hall; RMJM
2001: Krieger Hall Additional Lab Renovations; Read & Company Architects
1999: Maryland Hall Renovations; Ayers Saint Gross
1999: Krieger Hall Lab 350; Read & Company Architects
1999: Krieger Hall Academic Computing Room; Melville Thomas Architects
1997: School of Nursing; Ayers Saint Gross
1997: Krieger Hall Math Conference Rooms
1996: Krieger Hall Renovations; Ayers Saint Gross
1990: Physics and Astronomy Building; Ayers Saint Gross