Dormitory Upgrades

University of Maryland • College Park, Maryland

Improving Comfort and Energy Efficiency in Three Campus Residence Halls

Under an indefinite delivery contract with the University of Maryland College Park, Mueller Associates designed numerous MEP upgrades to three 115,000-square-foot residence halls on the North Campus. Each renovation was phased and fast-tracked to enable construction to take place over the summer, enabling students to return to the halls in the fall.

The improvements to the eight-story buildings—Denton Hall, Easton Hall, and Elkton Hall—included installation of new fan coil unit systems; new room convenience outlets; demolition of the building heating-only system; addition of heating and cooling generation, distribution, and piping systems derived from the central chilled water and district steam services; replacing domestic water booster pumps and hot water equipment; addition of a new building automation system; new energy-efficient windows, and new insulation and framing for the exterior walls.


Design Collective

Client History

2022: Replace Underground Steam Piping; Site Resources
2021: HJ Patterson Hall Wing 2 Mech Equipment Rm 0242*; Design Collective
2017: Biology Psychology ADA Restrooms; Ayers Saint Gross
2017: Park Symons Hall Chilled Water Heat Exchanger
2017: Edward St. John Learning & Teaching Center; Ayers Saint Gross
2016: Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center Applause Café Renovation; Marshall Craft
2016: Cambridge Hall Renovations; Design Collective
2014: Smith Performing Arts Center 2nd Floor Dining Renovation*; Ayers Saint Gross
2014: Ronald Reagan Building Renovation*; Ayers Saint Gross
2014: Fraternity Drive Water Line; JMT
2013: East Campus Demolition and Site Clearing*; Design Collective
2013: Potomac Hall*; Ayers Saint Gross
2013: Van Munching Hall Rudy’s Café*; Design Collective
2013: Elkton Residence Renovations HVAC*; Design Collective
2012: Chincoteague Hall, Behavioral & Social Sciences College; Marshall Craft
2012: Easton Residence Renovations HVAC*; Design Collective
2011: Denton Residence Renovations HVAC*; Design Collective
2011: Engineering Building ERC*; Marshall Craft
2010: Marie Mount Renovation*; Marshall Craft
2010: Denton Dining Renovation*; Marshall Craft
2010: Fraternity/Sorority Renovation Phase VIII; Design Collective
2009: Art Sociology Building 145; Constellation Energy
2009: SCUB V Distribution Piping*; Marshall Craft
2008: SCUB III Redux*; Marshall Craft
2008: CBL Replace Switchboard Oceanic Lab Upgrades*
2007: Lighting Replace for Physics Lecture Halls 1410- 1412*
2007: Avrum Gudelski Building Lab Renovation of Suite 1421*; Design Collective
2005: Research Greenhouse Exhaust System Investigation*
2001: Jimenez Hall HVAC Modifications*
2001: 800 MHZ System Hornbake Library*
2001: Fire Protection Design Denton Hall*; Design Collective
2001: Fire Protection Design Hagerstown Hall*; Design Collective
2000: J.M. Patterson Chiller Replacement Design*
1999: Chiller Replacement & Associated Work*
1994: Physics Building Study - Superconductivity*
1994: Exit Sign Retrofit*
1994: Egress Lighting Retrofit*
1994: UMCP/CEES Fire Service*
*Completed under IDIQ contract

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