The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Washington, DC

Multiple Projects to Modernize the Nation’s Cultural Center

Through several open-end contracts and major design commissions, Mueller Associates has engineered MEP and fire protection systems for a variety of modernization projects at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The firm’s work at this iconic example of Mid-Century Modern architecture has spanned more than a decade, focusing on patron comfort and safety, performance enhancement, energy efficiency, and operational improvements in visitor services and production staging.

Highlights include the renovation of the Family Theater and the Eisenhower Theater, and the transformation of the elegant Russian Lounge. Mueller has completed more than 70 additional improvement projects, including renovation of the Terrace Theater, the Theater Lab, the South Block Concert Hall, and the Film Theater. Other projects have ranged from lighting and life safety system upgrades to renovations in the parking garage, service tunnel, and office and storage areas.

Client History

2018: Terrace Theater Renovation; Quinn Evans
2015: Israeli Lounge Improvements; JMT Architecture
2014: Russian Lounge; JMT Architecture
2012: South Block Concert Hall Renovation; Grimm + Parker
2010: Theater Lab Renovation; JMT Architecture
2008: Eisenhower Theater; Quinn Evans
2006: Family Theater; JMT Architecture
Various IDQ Contract Projects; Grimm + Parker, Quinn Evans, JMT Architecture, and Samaha Associates

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