National Air and Space Museum Dulles Collections Center

Smithsonian Institution • Dulles, Virginia

Climate-Controlled Storage and Swing Space

With three stories and 124,000 square feet of space, the new Dulles Collections Center and Hangar Swing Space at the National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar-Hazy Center provides an expansive, climate-controlled environment for the storage of artifacts, exhibits, and display materials while NASM’s flagship building on the National Mall is undergoing a multi-year modernization. The facility will also serve as swing space for the institution’s future renovations, as well as general storage for collections throughout the Smithsonian portfolio.

The building features three large open collection spaces sized at three stories and approximately 28,000 square feet each, as well as two dedicated environmental chambers (one cool storage and one cold storage) for items that require special conservation measures. Facilities also include smaller collection rooms, support spaces, and new stand-alone mechanical heating and cooling plants.

The energy-efficient HVAC system design includes:

  • Hydronic air handling units on each floor to serve the general storage areas and maintain a high air-circulation rate. 
  • Two dedicated outside air AHUs that supply conditioned, dehumidified air to the inlet section of each general storage AHU. These AHUs have energy recovery wheels.
  • New energy-efficient chillers and variable speed chilled water distribution pumps. 
  • New energy efficient condensing boilers and variable speed heating hot water distribution pumps.
  • DDC energy management and controls.
  • Custom AHUs, compressorized air-cooled refrigeration systems, and humidifiers for the cool and cold storage rooms to maintain strict temperature and humidity controls for the preservation of sensitive objects.
  • The building is served by a 480 volt – 3 phase electric service and power distribution system, emergency diesel generator, and plumbing systems.


Ayers Saint Gross

LEED Facts

Level: Gold
Type: LEED for New Construction
Status: Registered
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LEED® Facts

National Air and Space Museum Dulles Collections Center

Smithsonian Institution • Dulles, Virginia
LEED for New Construction

  • Category: 
  • Category: 
    Sustainable Site
    13 / 26
  • Category: 
    Water Efficiency
    8 / 10
  • Category: 
    Energy & Atmosphere
    13 /35
  • Category: 
    Material & Resources
    7 / 14
  • Category: 
    Indoor Environmental Quality
    11 / 15
  • Category: 
    Innovation in Design
    6 / 6
  • Category: 
    Regional Priority Credits
    2 / 4

Client History

2024: National Air and Space Museum Revitalization; Quinn Evans
2019: National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center Hangar Swing Space; Ayers Saint Gross
2018: Conservation Pavilion, National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute: Quinn Evans
2016: Hirshhorn Conservation Laboratory; Quinn Evans
2014: National Air and Space Museum Exterior Envelope and HVAC Replacement Study; Quinn Evans
2014: Freer Gallery of Art Auditorium Renovation; Quinn Evans
2013: National Postal Museum William H. Gross Stamp Gallery; Quinn Evans
2011: National Museum of Natural History East Wing HVAC Renovation; Quinn Evans
2010: National Air and Space Museum Electrical Systems Replacement; Quinn Evans
2008: National Museum of Natural History Sant Ocean Hall; Quinn Evans
2004: Osteoprep Lab Building Ventilation Study & Repairs; Quinn Evans
2002: Sackler Gallery Mezzanine; GWWO Architects
1987: National Air and Space Museum Third-Floor Renovation; JMT Architecture
1987: Castle Building North Tower Expansion; JMT Architecture
1987: Renwick Gallery - HVAC Analysis; JMT Architecture
1986: Paul E. Garber Facility Preservation, Restoration & Storage Facility; JMT Architecture
1986: National Museum of American History Engines of Change Exhibit; JMT Architecture
1985: Arts & Industries Building Master Plan
1984: American Art Museum Lincoln Gallery
1980: Cooper-Hewitt Museum Environmental Controls & Electrical Systems Upgrades
1978: National Portrait Gallery HVAC Renovations

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