Sports Legends Museum

Baltimore, Maryland

Renovation of a Historic Railroad Terminal into Energy-Efficient Museum Space

Constructed in 1856, the historic B&O railroad terminal at Camden Station is a three-story structure with a basement and attic space. The Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum required the renovation of 44,000 square feet within the building in order to accommodate Sports Legends at Camden Yards, an interactive museum that hosts exhibits on the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Colts, and the Maryland Terrapins. In designing new systems for the building modernization, Mueller focused on minimizing energy requirements through careful equipment and control selection, including the incorporation of flexible control strategies to de-energize systems and reduce ventilation during off-peak hours. 

Mueller also provided MEP engineering for Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, a lively 16,000-square-foot space that highlighted the history of popular culture. The museum, which earned accolades such as “Best Teen Museum” and “Best Non-Art Museum,” was located on the second and third floors of the historic building. Geppi’s closed in 2018 and donated its collection to the Library of Congress.


Quinn Evans

Client History

2005: Sports Legends Museum at Camden Station Design; Quinn Evans
2005: Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum Tenant Fitout; Chermayeff, Sollogub and Poole
2005: Geppi’s Entertainment Museum; Quinn Evans

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