Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building

Washington, DC

Upgrades to a Landmark Federal Court Complex

Mueller has completed numerous improvement projects for The Architect of the Capitol within the Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building, a one-million-square-foot facility that serves as an administrative center for the federal court system.

  Façade Replacement
This project comprised the repair and/or replacement of the existing stone façade starting on the fourth floor and extending to the roof of the seven-story building. Mueller reviewed existing documents and surveyed conditions related to MEP items mounted on the façade of each floor and prepared narrative descriptions for the removal and reinstallation or replacement of all MEP components.

• Public Restrooms, Egress, and Life Safety Upgrades
As part of a series of comprehensive upgrades throughout the federal building, Mueller provided a complete review of the removal of existing MEP items as well as the design of mechanical and electrical systems to support proposed upgrades to the building’s restrooms, stairs, and egress corridors. New plumbing in the restrooms included the design and installation of lavatories and select toilets, and new lighting was provided in the restrooms and stairwells.

• Security Program Upgrades
This project entailed a comprehensive security assessment and design recommendations for the security systems in the building. Building security system aspects for the assessment include access control, redesign of entryways, design of the 2nd Street entrance, building surveillance system, and building duress system. Mueller prepared five engineering design options to meet the power needs of the new security system equipment as well as HVAC, power, and lighting for the building entrance improvements, among other elements.

Client History

2019: Security Study
2019: Façade Replacement
2019: Public Restrooms, Egress, and Life Safety Upgrades