Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Campus Improvements

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

A Utilities Master Plan and Major Upgrades to a Medical Center Complex

The Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center campus includes nearly two dozen medical and university buildings totaling four million square feet, plus three parking garages. Mueller has completed more than 100 projects at this growing medical complex, including a utilities master plan addressing infrastructure growth through the year 2020. Most recently, Mueller engineered a major phase of improvements for the chilled water plant and cooling towerwhich involved integrating a 4,800-ton condenser water system with an existing 14,400-ton condenser water system. Three new 1,600-ton chillers replaced three 933-ton chillers. This challenging project was completed on a fast-track schedule and under budget.

Mueller has also supported the medical center by engineering the addition of a 33-megawatt electric boiler that produces the equivalent of about 110,000 pounds of steam per hour—one of the largest electric steam boilers to serve a hospital complex in the Mid-Atlantic. Mueller’s team worked closely with Duke Power and the medical center facilities staff on the project, which required the routing of 15kV electric feeders from the substation into the boiler plant. Other major projects included MEP engineering for the new 200,000-square-foot J. Paul Sticht Center for the Aging, the renovation of the 15,000-square-foot cancer center, the renovation of the Neurology/Sleep Disorder Clinic, and many other facility upgrades.

Client History

2012: Power Plant Expansion
2009: ICU Renovation
2009: Central Plant and Distribution Upgrades
2006: Surgery and Nursing Unit Renovations
2005: Master Utility Plan
2005: Radiology MRI, Cardiology, Miscellaneous Renovations
2003: Miscellaneous Reynolds Tower, North Renovations
2001: Targacept Facility Feasibility Study
1998: Diagnostic Neurology Renovations
1997: J. Paul Sticht Center on Aging; Franceschi Architects
1990s/2000s: Comprehensive Medical Center Renovations

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